Think you can't work from home? Think again! Daundra Becker and her husband Donovan are a work from home family who make all of their income online freelance writing and selling on Amazon FBA. (And they did all of this in less than a year with three kids under 5 years old!) In this income report Daundra shares all of their secrets, and help teach other moms and dads how to make money online too. Click here to learn more!
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Every month I do a detailed work at home family income report. I don’t do this to show off or brag, but income reports helped me start my online income journey so I know how powerful income reports can be.
My goals with these income reports are to: 
  • Inspire.
  • Motivate.¬†
  • Give you an honest look at what being a work from home family is like.¬†
  • Show you what is possible for you.
I‚Äôm Daundra Becker, and in February 2016 my hubby was an over the road trucker.¬†He hated his job.¬†We all hated his job…
We have three very young little ladies. And we were sick and tired of seeing them scream and cry every time Donovan got in that big truck and drove away for weeks at a time.
Then out of the blue, Donovan called me from hundreds of miles away:
“Babe. I think I broke something…”
He hurt his ankle and was out of work for almost three months. 
When you are a family of five living paycheck to paycheck that seems like the worst case scenario. I was all ready to panic and completely lose my crap but turns out…
It was a blessing in disguise!
Having him home, even though he was hurt, was so great after being apart for so long. We didn’t want it to end. And I got to thinking.
Why did it have to end?
So I got online and started scouring the web for any hope that he could work locally. I was still thinking in terms of a normal 9-5 job at this point. Trading hours of my hubby’s life for money. Just enough to make ends meet. Just enough so we could skimp our budget down, even more, to have him home every night.
Job searches came up with nothing promising, so I had this crazy idea…

What if I could make money online?

Naturally, Google led me to income reports from different bloggers, and it blew my mind! 

So for less than the cost of Netflix (Seriously! It’s less than $6 a month!), I invested in a professionally hosted website, with Bluehost.

(And lemme tell ya, that investment has paid off in a big way! If you want to make that same investment in yourself I have a tutorial for you on how to set up your own website. Click here to learn more.) 


From there, through a lot of hard work and persistence, we radically changed our family’s situation and lifestyle.¬†

In the beginning, we didn’t set out to be a work from home family, but in less than a year that’s exactly what we did. Now we know what freedom feels like. We aren’t tied down by jobs, and our average monthly income is higher than ever!¬†

Our relationship with money has drastically changed. 

It’s almost like a video game.¬†

It’s challenging, fun, and exciting to be in control of how much we make every month. And we can’t wait to “level up” and reach our goals.¬†

We work hard for what we earn, and we love what we do. It’s our mission to help other families¬†do the same.

You may be wondering:

What exactly do you do for a living? 

How We Make A Full-Time Income Online As A Work From Home Family

I’ve always been a storyteller at heart. Ever since I could remember, writing was the most natural and fulfilling way to express my thoughts. I originally wanted to be a fantasy/sci-fi novelist but I let my fear and procrastination get the better of me, and it never happened.¬†

So when I started my blog I knew that freelance writing was the best way to start bringing in an income. 

How I Started My Freelance Career

Things did not take off for me how I hoped. I knew nothing about marketing and made so many mistakes. I stalked job boards for months with no luck until, somehow, I started getting writing work. 

I still have regular clients that I work with from those early days, and the relationships I’ve built have been priceless to my freelance business.¬†

How Freelance Writing Works

If you are new to freelancing or want to break into the business then you are in the right place! 

(Make sure to check out my post on the best resources for a successful freelance writing business.)

A freelance writer gets paid to create valuable content for websites and businesses. 

A lot of people say that freelancing is so hard to break into, but the key is finding clients who pay what your content is worth. Most people look to Upwork, Fiverr, or other crappy sites that pay only pennies per word. 

You compete on price alone, and you’ll rarely get the job unless you pitch the bottom dollar (or pennies in this case.)¬†

It’s a hopeless race to the bottom, and no one really wins, except the clients who get your best content for nothing close to what your writing is worth.¬†

I tried the Upwork thing. It does not work. And the prices clients pay you there is flat out robbery. There may be a rare chance you get a high-paying client, but it’s not worth the time and effort involved.

Can you tell I despise Upwork?

The only luck I had starting out was Problogger’s job board. (Now I use cold emails to find new clients, and the success I’ve had is much higher than anything I’ve tried before.)

Now I know how to market myself as a professional, and my freelance income reflects that. 

And the thing is: 

Anyone can do this. Even if you’re not a professional writer. Even if you have no experience whatsoever.¬†

(Click here to check out a video I did about job security as a freelance writer.) 

But freelancing isn’t the only thing that helped us reach our goal of working from home as a family.¬†

Retail Arbitrage: Selling on Amazon FBA Style

Before we started this journey, I had no clue what retail arbitrage was. I didn’t even know you could sell things on Amazon!¬†

I was skeptical when Donovan told me he wanted to start an FBA business. But I trusted him and I’m glad I did!¬†

If it wasn’t for FBA it would’ve taken more than twice as long to be a work from home family.¬†

How Selling on Amazon Works

There are a handful of ways to make money on Amazon: 

  • Writing and selling Ebooks.
  • Sharing affiliate links online.
  • Creating your own products to sell. (Private Label.)¬†
  • Buying things online to sell. (Online arbitrage.)¬†
  • Buying things in local retail stores (or even thrift stores and garage sales) to sell.¬†

The last one is what we started out with. We’ve dabbled with some online arbitrage, but I love retail arbitrage with FBA (fulfilled by Amazon.)¬†

(We even shoot videos and sneak peeks into how we source inventory at our favorite stores and have fun as a family while we “work”. Click here to check out¬†the Bringing Home Becker Facebook page, and like our page for more.)

I am love with what we do. I get to shop at my favorite stores, load my cart (or carts) with all kinds of stuff, and make money doing it! I love shopping, and the best part is, after I buy it, we send if off to an Amazon warehouse so nothing clutters up our home. 

We have an app on our phones that scans barcodes. We go into a store, scan stuff, and the app tells us if we’ll make a profit on Amazon.¬†

After we have a good amount of profitable inventory, we scan it into our computer, pack it up, and send it to Amazon for a major shipping discount. (A large box that weighs 15-20lbs usually only costs about $6-$7) From there, they store our inventory in their warehouses all over the country, ship it to the customer, and handle the bulk of customer service. 

We get paid every two weeks, and our record payout was over $2,500!

 How March Went

March was a new beginning for us.

After a break from working, (you can read more about that in our last income report) it was good to get back into Amazon. 

Here’s what we accomplished, and fell short on last month in our businesses:¬†

Our Mistakes

  • Crazy Work/Life Balance.¬†I was swamped with work in March. On top of that, we were amping up our sourcing efforts so time management was a trial and error experience. I was up late, working weekends, and stressed trying to keep up with it all.¬†


  • A Lot Fell Through The Cracks.¬†In February I started a new cold emailing strategy to build up my freelance clientele. My goal was to send out 10 emails every business day and get April booked solid in advance. In total, I only sent out 14 out of 200 emails… oops.¬†

I did get two great¬†responses out of those emails, but I’m still kicking myself for not sticking with my plan. I’m having to play catch up this month to get back on track.¬†

Our Victories

  • I Set A New Freelance Record!¬†March was a huge milestone for me in my freelance business. I blew over $1,000 past my record of $1,800/month of freelance income! It was a busy month, but I feel so accomplished!¬†


  • We Got Back In Our FBA Groove.¬†Sourcing regularly is a wonderful change of pace when you’ve been sitting in front of a computer screen all day. The girls were extremely cranky about spending so long out and about, but after a week they became their old cooperative selves.¬†

Our Favorite Work From Home Family Moment In March

Making videos for the Bringing Home Becker Facebook page!¬†I’ve never wanted to do videos, even though, deep down, I wished I could be myself in front of a camera.

So to push myself out of my comfort zone, I forced myself to do videos, and the nervousness got less of a big deal. Now I love making videos with Donovan and my girls. (Like this one we did about sourcing for Amazon with kids.) 

They aren’t perfect, my hand is shaky, and we are total dorks, but we love doing them!¬†

Our Numbers for March

Okay, time for the nitty gritty details. (Isn’t that what you’re really here for anyway?)¬†

  • Freelance Income:¬†$2,950.00
  • FBA Income:¬†$648.99

Total Income: $3,598.99

(We also earned $6.05 in cash back with Ebates doing some online arbitrage. So if you are an Amazon Seller, or you love online shopping then you need Ebates in your life! You get cash back for shopping online! It’s free, easy to use, and you get free money for shopping as you normally would. Click here to learn more. )¬†

There’s a little bit of friendly rivalry in the Becker house.¬†

For the longest time, our Amazon income wiped the floor with my little freelance hustle. So I’m pretty proud that I claim bragging rights for March’s income.¬†

It won’t be too long before Donovan catches up to me with FBA, (and I may have had an unfair advantage with Amazon being neglected) but I’m a little too competitive for my own good. So, my goal is to stay one step ahead of our Amazon income.¬†

Content For March

I really want to grow Bringing Home Becker into a powerful resource for work from home families. It’s been difficult to write for my blog since I lost my Granny, but I did manage to write one article in March.¬†

And we did make a handful of videos for the Facebook page: 

My goal is to update the blog more consistently to help others live their dreams and keep making videos. 

Wrapping It All Up

Overall I’m excited about what’s in store for Bringing Home Becker! I have some big goals, and the best is yet to come!¬†

Goals for April: 

  • Send more cold emails, and land more regular clients.¬†
  • Double our FBA income in April.¬†
  • Write more content for the blog.¬†
  • Continue to grow the Bringing Home Becker Facebook page.¬†

Past Work From Home Family Income Reports

Three elements fell into place to put us where we are right now: 

  1. Blogging (Click here if you want to learn more about starting your own blog.) 
  2. Selling on Amazon (Click here if you want to learn more about selling on Amazon)
  3. Freelance Writing (Click here to visit the blog that changed my freelance writing career.)

And the three things have completely changed the course of our family’s lives. And if we can do this you can too! You are capable of living your dreams, and Bringing Home Becker is here to help you on that journey.¬†

Questions? Let me know in the comments below. And fill out the form below to be the first to know when the next income report goes live. 

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