10523987_10152711300322835_2318789114529012218_n I’m so glad you’re here! 

If you have big dreams you’re in the right place. I’m Daundra Becker, and Bringing Home Becker is for women who want to take charge of their futures and be their own boss.

To the entrepreneurial dreamers, creatives, and seekers of financial freedom: you can be successful and I want to help you get there.

I’ll offer inspiration when you feel stuck, motivation when you lose your spark, and the strategies and tools you need to make your online business flourish. 

Too many moms let their dreams fade away because they feel powerless to change their future. I’ve seen so many families living paycheck to paycheck, including my own, and I know there is a better way.

An injury at work kept my hubby from working for over a month. Desperate, I knew I had to find a way to help lift the financial burden, so I decided to start my own online content marketing business from home.

When we started our family, my dreams started to fade. I bought into the lie that when you become a mom, your dreams don’t matter. 

But here I am living my dreams as a writer and content marketing professional! (With some super fun retail arbitrage thrown in the mix.)

I am a stay at home mommy of three girls, and the wife of a hardworking man, and a kick-butt knitter. And I am living my dreams!

I want to empower women to live their dreams too. 


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